Seznam anglických písní / List of Songs

Každodenní intenzivní výuka anglického jazyka je vedena rodilou mluvčí. Děti si osvojují angličtinu hlavně formou hry, v písních a příbězích. 

Předškoláci mají navíc výukový blok předškolní výchovy s rodilou mluvčí v anglickém jazyce.

Angličtina je zapojována do všech denních aktivit.

Vzdělávací plán

Září / September

I like / I don´ t

  • hello, bye bye, my name is, nice to meet you
  • eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, hands, numbers: 1 - 5, colours: blue, red, yellow
  • door, window, mummy, daddy, book, open, close

Říjen / October

I´ ve got
  • bread, biscuit, juice, apple, banana, water
  • dress, shirt, trousers, socks
  • baby, grandma, brother, sister, grandpa, tall, short
  • train, doll, lorry, ball, blocks, puzzle, square, circle, triangle

Listopad / November


  • dog, cat, bird, fish, turtle, rabbit, small, big
  • bug, sun, tree, flower, grass, pink, purple, green, orange
  • can you help me, please, thank you, may I have the ...

Prosinec / December

in / on / under

  • crayon, scissors, pencil, pencil case, table, chair, computer
  • in, on, under

Leden / January

I can / I can´ t

  • swing, slide, seesaw, jump, play, run, climb, up, down
  • rice, beans, cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs, black, brown, white

Únor / February

There are ...

  • chicken, cow, horse, donkey, goat, duck, numbers: 6 - 10
  • coat, hat, boots, jumper, sandals, t-shirt, shorts, hot, cold
  • bee, rock, leaf, ladybird, butterfly, caterpillar, ant

Březen / March

I´ m ...

  • happy, sad, laughing, smiling, tired, crying, angry, same, different 
  • boat, aeroplane, fire truck, car, bike, motorbike, bus, slow, fast
  • I need..., I´m sorry, Let´s share!

Duben / April

  • stand up, sit down, touch, read, count, write, draw, colour, plus, equals 
  • raining, umbrella, snowing, gloves, sunny, sunglasses, cloudy, windy, wet, dry 
  • monkey, penguin, zebra, elephant, lion, tiger, frog, panda, smaller, bigger

Květen / May

He´ s / She´ s

  • dancing, singing, clapping, stamping, shouting, drum, guitar, piano, loud, quiet
  • see, smell, hear, taste, feel, eat, drink, soft, hard
  • castle, king, queen, princess, knight, dragon, giant, treasure, beginning, middle, end

Červen / June

It´ s ...

  • candles, cake, ice cream, balloon, pizza, present, sweets, more, less
  • cloud, sky, sea, mountain, bridge, river, road, world, country, city

Písně / Songs